Pasha Country Garden

Amazing Breakfast At the foot of the Beydaglar Mountains, opened in 2009 with the unique breeze of nature, Pasha Dirt Garden lives in harmony and offers such a place bring together the breakfasts from the east and southeast. We try to please you with our basing and pancakes that are unique to our region. We will continue our work with our children's parks, organic products, pavilions, natural waterfalls, car parks, masjids, friendly staff and many other firsts for children in our Pasha Country Garden. Our aim is to provide better service and satisfaction to you.

Why Pasha Kir Garden

  • If you are tired of Antalya's city life, noise, air pollution, and traffic,
  • If you want to relieve work stress, spend a unique day with your family and immortalize your moments,
  • Let your children play safely in playgrounds, run them while taking fresh air away from the dirty air of the city and enjoying your time in a forested area, reinforce their love of animals with dozens of animals such as pigeon, chicken, rooster, peacock, duck, goose, quail, cat, etc.
  • If you want to cook chestnuts by the fire of the wood stove as if you were in your own home in chilly weather,
  • If you want to taste the Van Breakfast, with it's amazing cheeses and breads,
  • If you want to eat the Village Breakfast, which contains dozens of natural varieties with village cheese, honey, walnut and cream,
  • If you want to have a relaxing conversation with a sip of tea that will heat your heart brewed in the embers,
  • If you want to relieve the tiredness of a whole week with a Turkish coffee after a unique breakfast,

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